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The Story of Fancy Bibs

FancyBibs were created after my Mother had a stroke that left her
paralyzed on her left side.  Mom had difficulty when eating and we
wanted a nice dinner bib to prevent stains on her clothing.  I was
disappointed to find only giant sized baby bibs made from heavy
fabric and lined in plastic. The worst was the clear plastic throw-away
bib.  Just because my Mother had a stroke and is disabled does not
mean she forgot about fashion and style.  I decided
“my Mother is
not wearing a giant baby bib. ”
 So I  designed Fancy Bibs for my
Mother and I wanted to share my Fancy Bibs with your loved ones
who have special needs.  Fancy Bibs are refashioned from Brand
Name and Designer shirts and blouses to provide a dinner bib that
is lightweight, easy to use and great for traveling.

Experience you can Trust

There are lots of companies that sell products online. We want our
customers to know that we have been around for a long time and we
are committed to providing a top quality product and top quality
customer service to all of our customers.

I started my mail order company in 1994 selling Aunt Joy’s
Personalized Christmas Stockings at .  I went
online in 1998 and have been shipping Christmas Stockings to
happy customers all over the world for over 10 years.    My workshop
is located in America's Heartland in Rock Island, Illinois.  You can
call me toll free anytime at 1-866-AUNTJOY. (1-866-286-8569).  

You can also visit my eBay Store Aunt Joy's Country Store, where I
have a limited number of FancyBibs where you can pick out exactly
the style you want.


Wholesale and institutional pricing is now available so please
contact us by email or phone if you want to carry Aunt Joy's Fancy
Bibs in your product line.

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