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Aunt Joy's® FancyBibs

"because my Mother is NOT wearing a giant sized
Baby Bib, she deserves better."

Aunt Joy's FancyBibs™ make the perfect gift for you or your loved
ones with special needs. These stylish adult dining bibs are
refashioned from Brand name shirts and blouses, fit right over your
clothes and tuck comfortably under your sweater or jacket. So no one
knows you are wearing a bib.

Eating in or dining out, FancyBibs™ protect your clothes with style
and offer a more dignified dining experience.

In the hospital, FancyBibs™ are perfect when visitors arrive and you
want to look nice, but cannot get fully dressed and need to stay in bed.

In Rehabilitation and Care Centers, FancyBibs™ are a wonderful gift
and save your loved ones from the embarrassment of stained

In the Car and during your commute, FancyBibs™ allow you to eat
on the go and save your clothing from stains by catching all the drips
and spills while eating on the go.

At the Office, FancyBibs™ protects you business attire and lets you
eat without worry.  Now you can eat spaghetti or barbequed ribs for
lunch and not worry about  getting it on your shirt.
Fancy Bibs
Stylish Adult Dinner Bibs for Dignified Dining
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for Men and Women
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are available
in 5 sizes
...because we
all know
one size
fits all
FancyBibs look just
like a shirt or blouse... no one knows
you are wearing a Bib.
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